New Image

ENERGY has launched its new corporate image, and it is being reflected on his completely renewed website. 

Almost all medium and small distribution utility companies in Colombia benefit from the integrated SPARD ® MANAGEMENT – ANALYSIS – GIS system, developed and implemented by Energy Computer Systems, SCADA communication systems (Siemens and Survalent) and Commercial Systems SIC. This solution is essential to fulfil, among others, the quality of service regulation, Resolution CREG 097.

Absolute leader

ENERGY is the absolute leader in the installation of these all-embracing technical and management systems in Colombia. In 2010, the implementation of SPARD ® – GIS, OMS and TCS with SCADA and SIC CEDENAR (Nariño Power Utility), EEP (Pereira Power Company) was completed. Previously, in the period of 2007-2009, in the EBSA utility, EMSA, Popayan Power Authority, CENS, ELECTROCAQUETA the system was also implemented. We’ve also updated SPARD ® in CHEC (Caldas Hydroelectric Company) and EDEQ (Quindío Power Company), both subsidiaries of Public Enterprises of Medellin – EPM.


In the second quarter of 2011, we will launch SPARD ® FWOM (management of field work orders using handheld computers) and the new SPARD ® PAD (on-field grid data collecting and editing using handheld computers).

4 SCADA installations completed

Together with our current SCADA systems partner, Survalent Technology Canada (, we have already completed four integrated facilities SPARD OMS – SCADA and two additional, ENERTOLIMA and ELECTROHUILA, are currently in development.

Substation Automation

On-going projects, ENERTOLIMA, ELECTROHUILA and ENELAR also incorporate substation automation and a Contact Centre with IVR.

New SPARD ® IVR – Contact Centre

In January 2011, ECS launched SPARD ® IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)  and  Contact Centre, which interacts directly with SPARD ® OMS. We are already developing projects for that with ENELAR, CEDENAR, ELECTROHUILA and ENERTOLIMA.

SPARD® IVR – Contact Center

En enero 2011, ECS ha lanzado SPARD® IVR – Contact Center, que directamente interactúa con SPARD® OMS

SPARD ® OMS integration with SCADA

In 2010 we developed an integration project of our SPARD ® OMS with the SCADA system, which was developed by Survalent company in USA for Lodi Electric Utility Company in California / USA.

New Studies

In 2010 we developed Transient stability studies (for Santos CMI / Emeralds Refinery and Tecna / Petroecuador – Equator)


CODENSA: Study of the neutral grounded effect through resistance in the power transformers and its associated electrical system.