Advanced Distribution Management System

The SPARD® platform covers all needs of an electrical distribution company to analyze, optimize, operate and manage the electrical network. The main, fully integrated applications are:



OMS / DMS – Operation and Outage Management

Outage Viewer

FWOM – Field Work Order Management

Contact Center

RTPS – Real Time Power Simulator

GIS – Geographic Information System

Substations data management

Report manager

M-EDIT – Mobile GIS Data Gathering/Editing

Data Analytics

Regulatory modules (Service quality, regulatory network valuation)



Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management system suitable for all types of industry and optimized for electricity transmission and distribution companies.

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Energy Computer Systems

Energy Computer Systems S.A.S is a company specialized in developing and marketing software for distribution and electric transmission systems, being the pioneer in the creation of a geographic system for distribution networks.

Since it’s founding in 1992, ECS provides its products and services to South and Central America, USA, and Asia.


Energy Computer Systems S.A.S is now part of the Amper Group / Spain.

SPARD® Platform

The fundamental endeavour of SPARD® is to help utilities improve electricity distribution performance and to prepare them for the Smart Grid with a new integrated system that is based on actual measurements of SCADA, communication with AMI, Commercial Information System (SIC), ERP and the topology to detail of high, medium and low voltage, allowing the analysis, optimization, operation and integrated enterprise management.