ECS has completed the implementation of the SPARD® ADMS platform at the Casanare Energy Company (ENERCA). During the process of modernization and automation of the substations that it operates, and after previously carrying out the gathering of the information from the network, each of the applications that make up the solution among which we find were put into operation:

GIS, OMS, Mobile Apps, Contact Center, EMS, GD Connect, and Modules for service quality reporting: CREG 015-08 / CREG 097-08

Likewise, this project included the integration of the platform with the SCADA system and Commercial System (SIEC).

The implementation of the integrated system includes all the functionalities of a geo-referenced inventory, analysis, management and operation of the distribution network of ENERCA S.A E.S.P

EMCARTAGO: Automation and ADMS system

For ECS, it is a pleasure to announce that the project for implementation of the complete SPARD® ADMS platform has been successfully delivered to Empresas Municipales de Cartago. An integral solution that improves substantially the quality of the service to the users, boost the corporate image both inside and its marketing market, as well as the vision of the regulatory and control entities and fully comply with the regulatory stipulations, especially with Res. 015-2018 and Res. 030-2018 issued by CREG.

A system that fully supports the management of the distribution system of EMCARTAGO in its technical, operational, economic and administrative aspects. The project covered the Automation of Planta Diesel and Santa Maria Substations. Likewise, integration with the commercial information system (SITAC) establishing there the integrated line of SPARD® products:

SPARD®TCS and Contact Center (IVR)
SPARD® GD Connect
Geographic Web Viewers
SCADA (Núcleo)

The latest CREG 015 Versions are delivered with SPARD® GIS and SPARD® OMS, which allow generating respective information and all regulatory reports for SSPD and LAC.

SPARD® GA Asset Management

The project included the implementation of SPARD® GA, an application embedded within the SPARD® platform fully integrated with SPARD® GIS and OMS and its other components, specifically developed and optimized for electric distribution companies that function as a tool, providing support in aspects such as online storage and updating of the asset database, operational traceability, generation of indicators and statistics.

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