Geographic Information System (GIS) specially designed for electrical networks. It enables the creation of grid elements geographically and to edit and query the Distribution Database (BDD). Additionally, it includes network analysis and optimization functionality and applications in the same GUI, such as readings in Substations, Load Allocation, Balanced and Unbalanced Load Flow, Short Circuit, Optimal Reconfiguration, Economic Conductor, Technical and Non-Technical Loss Calculation and Balance, and others

SPARD® OMS (Outage Management System)

Application for outage management and system reliability. Geographic platform to perform or observe maneuvers and their effects on the grid, that allows a simulated or real time grid operation (when there is a link to SCADA). It records interruptions and calculates national and international reliability indices (e.g. CREG 097, IEEE 1366). It also includes event and crew management, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) and Work Order Management, optionally linked to a mobile applications connected to the OMS server.



Advanced Power System Simulator. Power Flow and Short Circuit Analysis, Coordination of Visual and Automatic Protection Coordination, Harmonic Analysis, Transient Stability, Reliability Analysis and Electric Arc (Arc Flash). It works in line with the SCADA system or as an analysis and planning tool.


Trouble Call Management and Contact Center. It links information from OMS, GIS, SCADA and the CIS system. Includes IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology connected to the OMS.


New mobile solutions SPARD ®, for Windows™ Mobile, Android and Apple IOS platforms. They run on mobile handheld computers, smart phones and tablets. They include applications for map-oriented editing and updating, work order management and an operation viewer.