This tablet solution is of vital importance to ensure the quality of collected and / or updated network information, in an automated way.

It has an editable geographic GUI, where the drawing and editing of the network is carried out and the attributes of its elements are entered or edited. It also allows updating the existing network and the addition of energy customers, updating the commercial and geographic system online, without delay of paperwork or forms.

It uses GPS technology for PDA / Tablet to capture the geographic coordinates on site. It can work online via the cellular network or offline.



This is a new tablet application. It allows to operate (open / close breaking devices) on the tablet and also to display the current status of the network (energized / de-energized). It carries out the topological configuration automatically, when it receives from the OMS or directly from the application a change of state of a device. It includes trace options to display the connectivity path between two points. Also, the function of affectation displays and records the number of customers, transformers and loads affected in the event of a failure at a given point.


Applications and remote users are managed from a server, which controls access rights (logins), applications and databases installed and provides the Web-Service functionality through which communication is performed and data to remote computers is transferred. In all cases, when communication with mobile equipment is temporarily interrupted, it also can work in offline mode. 


Field Work Order Management: On-field work order management. This solution allows field staff to receive, execute and report work orders from the OMS operator on his/her mobile equipment (PDA, Tablet).

On the geographical GUI, the probable site of failure, the list of pending orders, activities to be performed and lists of materials (for scheduled events) are shown.

The closing of the order includes the record of actually performed work and materials used. This data is then transmitted to the OMS. The OMS/crews operator has full online control of crews and work orders.


Displays the grid geographically to any location where there is Wi-Fi or cellular network. Includes multiple touch gestures for zooming, moving the screen, select, etc. Allows searching and visualizing the attributes of network elements. With the thematic maps option, the user can perform complex queries and display them geographically.