The User Support Area aims to provide excellent service to the end user, including contact and resolution of incidents, questions, problems, requests and inquiries about SPARD ®. If there are multiple users in a company, all requirements and requests should be channelled through one single person. The issues are mostly solved in the shortest and most efficient way possible, according to the SLA (Service Level Agreement) established with the client.


On-Line (Skype, Messenger) or by e-mail ( 

Telephone Support: by phone calls to resolve any urgent questions or concerns about SPARD ®.

Support service through remote connection: using this service, staff support area will be able to connect through different remote connection tools (Teamviewer, VPN, VNC, etc.) to the servers and client computers, to maximize the quality of support and facilitate efficient resolution of problems.


The support and maintenance services will be provided upon the latest version (or any released in the last twelve months) and it will only cover SPARD ® modules owned by the client and / or interfaces implemented by Energy Computer Systems. Our support does not include: correction of errors arising from failures of the operating system or hardware, computer virus, grid environment, remote connections to the Internet, intranet or extranet. It does also not include error correction failures resulting from misuses of the database engine used by the customer and / or the administration thereof. Direct support is only provided to people who have received training in the respective SPARD ® module.


The client will be able to make requests for functional improvements; these will be received by Energy Computer Systems and subjected to an assessment to analyse its feasibility, system impact, cost and priority. If accepted, Energy will report the expected date of implementation. SPARD® is sold as a product and therefore, we do not develop individual customized functionalities for one client. The new features will be included in the next versions and will be available to all SPARD® users.